Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Journey Home has finally ended

Cameron has been home with us for almost 2 weeks. He has truly amazed us. He has just gone with flow and seems to be able to adjust to all the newness and takes it all in. He smiles CONSTANTLY. I think he was pretty spoiled at his former digs so we are doubly amazed how little we have had to adjust attitudes. He is sleeping well, eats well and plays well. We will have his evaluation next week and see what is next about his hip and leg. He is age appropriate in most areas and is bright. He is very small wearing size 24 month/2T at age 4 but is healthy and active. We communicate very well. Not one person has realized he is "foreign". He and Shawn are huge buddies and even disagree just like brothers. So normal. They have shared fast food, parks, malls, eating out, the zoo, Wal Mart, family get togethers, shopping, errands and home time. Having two (these two anyway) is no harder than one. It is truly just more fun. Shawn being Shawn, has just welcomed Cameron and loved him and is so proud of him, telling the drive in lady, "Meet my brother!".
We are getting the feel for the new norm and really today is one of the first days I have felt like myself. I really think I aged 5 years this last year.
Already looking at summer activities and planning some trips. Looking forward to having fun with both our boys.
We have been able to get together with our families and Cameron seems like none of it is new. He was that way in Kazakhstan too.
I learned how to slurp this blog into a book and will make this blog a journal for Cameron of his adoption. Have spent a small fortune developing film and all photos are in books. Mike and I are excited to keep up with the parents of the other two Taldy boys and will exhale finally when they are also home. This adoption has been quite simple compared to others even with our problems. Cameron is home and he and Shawn have started their journey as brothers, best friends and fellow Taldy Korgan alumni. We have again, met the most incredible people and increased our adoption family of friends through this adoption. We thank all of them and promise to pay back their love and support by helping others.
An artist at the church the boys grandparents attend has donated a painting for auction to again assist us with adoption related expenses. People are SO sweet.
Shawn's school has applied to open a pre-school program that we are so hoping comes to be. We are SO blessed.
Mike and I still can't believe there are two little boys here. We are so blessed and are so happy to get on with our lives.
Our employment is secure in very insecure times. Our daughter is happy and healthy and vibrant. Shawn really is about the sweetest child I have ever met and is my joy.
Cameron honey, you are the perfect icing on our cake. You and your sister and brother are everything to us and more. We hope your lives are fuller and better because of one another.
Every child is a miracle. You however, are a miracle among miracles.
I love you,

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